The Man With No Mug (2)

(Continued from Part 1)

Mr. Mug-less leaned back in his chair and stared at the mug which he had placed on the windowsill.

“What the heck did I get myself into?” he asked himself. “And when the heck when will I stop asking myself this question? And in fact, when the heck am I going to stop asking when the heck I’m going to stop asking … oh forget it.”

In the beginning – as these things usually do in the beginning – it felt right. The mug felt right when he held it, and it felt right when he poured filtered water into it. And after he got the mug, things actually became right for his friend (the one who couldn’t stop thinking why he didn’t have a mug): his formerly unrealistically puzzled friend landed a gig as a graphics designer, opened an animation studio, and is now a super-rich Flex programmer with a couple of cool T-shirts on his back. (That’s what happens to some people who become poor and then become rich; they over-compensate).

Then, after some time – as these things usually do after some time – doubts began to set in. At first Mr. Mug-less put it as a simple case of buyer’s remorse. “What a stupid mug,” he had thought. “It looks cheap because it is cheap. That’s what you get when you buy your mugs from Giant. I should have got it from Ikea.” Unbeknownst to Mr. Mug-less, however, was that people who get their mugs from Ikea are also regretting it. “What a stupid generic-looking mug. Good enough, I suppose, but why does every other household in the country have to get the exact same thing?” are their collective thoughts.

Mr. Mug-less thoughts started to take a turn for the worse. “I hate this mug. I’m going to throw it away.” Then violence: “I’m going to hurl it against the wall and see it smash into smithereens.” Then pure evil: “I’m going to lob it at a schoolbus.” Finally, morbidity: “I’m going down to Hades, and take this mug with me across the River Styx!”

Then one day his old friend Mr. Nouveau Riche Flex programmer came by for a visit. Yes, we see where this is going, don’t we. “How can this be? How can you have such hatred coursing through your veins just because of a stupid mug?” His friend started puzzling over it and as it happened before, it happened again; things started going downhill until finally he was left with only the thought of the man with venomous hatred for his one and only mug. (But actually even if he hadn’t started becoming unrealistically puzzled, he would go downhill, anyway, as Silverlight from Microsoft will eventually take out Flash, along with all the Flash/Flex programmers in the world.)

In the meantime, snug in his troubled world, Mr. Mug-less continued leaning back in his chair, staring at the mug which he had placed on the windowsill.

23 January 2009 | Fiction | Comments

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  1. 1 angelsixteen 4 February 2009 @ 9:38 pm

    is there a part 3 ?