Robocopy in lieu of rsync

Perhaps you’re a web developer familiar with Linux and SVN. Then you’ll definitely know how to copy files from your SVN working directory to a test server whilst excluding all .svn directories:

rsync -IrW --stats --exclude=.svn /path/to/project/dir/ //testsrv/whatever

If for some reason your development environment is Windows you might be tempted to use rsync on Cygwin. That’s works fine (albeit with a very noticeable performance lag), but there is actually a native Windows alternative to rsync:

robocopy \path\to\project\dir \\testsrv\whatever /MIR /XD .svn

Robocopy has long been available on NT 4.0 via the Windows Resource Kit, and is included in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008.

1 February 2011 | LAMP, Windows | Comments

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  1. 1 dirn 2 February 2011 @ 4:33 pm

    thx…i’ll copy this command and put it in my blog for my reference.