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The Inaugural Address

Come on. Who is not stirred by the sight of a young, eloquent, charming, first-non-white U.S. President giving his inaugural address.
Leaders around the world generally have speechwriters inscribe for them. But in this case I would like to believe he wrote it himself. After all, he is the author of a best-selling book.
Reading the text, […]

21 January 2009 | Politics | 1 Comment

Back to Boring

Malaysian politics is back to being its boring self again, looks like: politicians generating soundbites, and the mainstream media toeing the party line. On the horizon, however, is the possibility of Pakatan Rakyat gaining parliamentary majority by way of BN cross-overs, and of Anwar becoming PM. In the meantime I’ll just let my 30-day subscription […]

8 April 2008 | Politics | No Comments

Interactive Politics

On 12 March, Lim Kit Siang wrote on his blog that DAP was unhappy with the appointment of a PAS representative as the Chief Minister of Perak, although DAP had won three times as many state seats as PAS. Apparently the blog entry in question attracted more than 800 comments in 24 hours, most of […]

21 March 2008 | Politics | 1 Comment

Here’s to Hoping and Blogging

It has been more than a week since the 12th Malaysian General Election. Reality has finally sunk in: that it’s possible for the opposition to amount to more than a few lone voices in Parliament.
I’m actually quite apolitical. I don’t believe one side to be 100% right and the other side to be 100% wrong. […]

18 March 2008 | Politics | 1 Comment

Malaysian General Election 2008

If you notice, I have never mentioned politics on this blog. This is because I see politics as being outside my control and thus a waste of time to even talk about. Which is why I would rather blog about technical stuff, which is something we can learn and apply.
But I shall make an exception […]

9 March 2008 | Politics | 1 Comment