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Robocopy in lieu of rsync

Perhaps you’re a web developer familiar with Linux and SVN. Then you’ll definitely know how to copy files from your SVN working directory to a test server whilst excluding all .svn directories:
rsync -IrW –stats –exclude=.svn /path/to/project/dir/ //testsrv/whatever
If for some reason your development environment is Windows you might be tempted to use rsync on Cygwin. That’s […]

1 February 2011 | LAMP, Windows | 1 Comment

Reblog: Automated scp on Linux

It’s my honour to be a guest blogger on
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30 January 2009 | LAMP | 2 Comments

SLES 9 + Apache 2 + MySQL 5 + PHP 5 Installation

I have documented the installation steps for the following:

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for AMD64 & Intel EM64T
Apache httpd 2.0.55
MySQL 5.0.21
PHP 5.1.2

1 November 2006 | LAMP | No Comments