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Javascript Super Mario

You think Javascript is only good for popping an alert if the user didn’t fill in his form properly?
Check this out. Use left, right and up keys to move and jump.
When I was told that this was implemented purely in Javascript, I was like, “wha ..? how ..?“
After I took a look at the source […]

15 April 2008 | Software engineering, Javascript | No Comments

Alert Box As Soon As HTML Page Loads

One way to display a dialog box as soon as an HTML page finishes loading is to place some Javascript code right before the </body> tag. However, this might cause the browser's progress bar to make it seem like the page is still loading, which goes on until the user dismisses the dialog box.
The solution [...]

18 September 2007 | Software engineering, Javascript | 2 Comments

ActiveWidgets Grid 1.0.2

My client, who is, amongst other things, a freelance civil engineer and a VB6 programmer, asked me to create a web-based version of his standalone Windows application. He wanted nothing less than an exact replica.
How to do a VB6-style ListView in HTML? I searched Google and found ActiveWidgets. Beautiful, they have a Javascript ListView (they [...]

14 August 2007 | Software engineering, HTML, Javascript | 1 Comment

IE Progress Bar Loading Forever for Iframe

IE's progress bar sometimes makes it seem that the page is loading forever when you load a page in an iframe. The following is a workaround for it:

Create a blank.html file in the root web directory. This file need not contain anything.
Create an invisible iframe in your page by setting frameborder="0" and style="height: 0; width: [...]

6 August 2007 | Software engineering, HTML, Javascript | 3 Comments

Dynamically Populating a Select Box Using AJAX

Update 6 June 2012
I wrote this way before jQuery had become mainstream. So if you came here via Google search, please don't follow my example below. With jQuery, these type of things are pretty much one-liners. For sample jQuery code, see jQuery: Best practice to populate drop down?
And forget about XML—use JSON instead.
Original post
[ Demo and [...]

21 January 2007 | Software engineering, AJAX, HTML, Javascript | No Comments