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Evo vs Scooby

I will be the first to admit that this one is rather old. Since the early nineties it has always been Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution vs Subaru Impreza WRX. They have a lot of similarities:

Made in Japan
2.0 litre turbo
Impeccable World Rally Championship heritage
All-wheel drive
Absolutely unbelievable acceleration and handling

Up till the year 2001 things were stacked pretty […]

6 July 2009 | Cars | No Comments

Pickup trucks in Malaysia

In the United States the pickup truck is of enduring popularity - the Ford F-150, in particular, has been the best-selling vehicle in the States for 23 years. In southern Thailand, too, the general populace can’t seem to get enough of the pickup truck. In Malaysia, however, it’s something of a fad amongst urbanites. Each […]

3 July 2009 | Cars | 5 Comments

Nice car colours

Some cars look good only in certain colours. Here’s my list:

BMW 3 Series: black
BMW 5 Series: black
Chevrolet Aveo: red or green
Chevrolet Optra: black or red
Chevrolet Nabira: black
Honda Accord: black
Honda City (2002): bluish silver
Honda City (2008): black
Honda Civic: black or bluish silver
Hyundai Elantra: black
Hyundai Getz: black
Kia Optima: black
Kia Picanto/Naza Suria: red
Kia Spectra: black
Mercedes C-Class: silver
Mercedes E-Class: […]

13 February 2009 | Cars | 3 Comments

Silvia Upgraded Update

I forgot to mention – putting a Skyline R33 engine (the RB25DET) into a Silvia S14 is straightforward, but not that straightforward. The RB25DET radiator wouldn’t fit into the S14 engine bay. So what Munz did was to put in a radiator from an Evo and a radiator fan from a Mercedes. You know how […]

19 January 2009 | Cars | No Comments

Silvia Upgraded

Remember Munz’s Silvia S14? He’s still driving (or drifting) around in it, but this time with a Skyline R33 engine.
He had initially set his mind on upgrading to an S14 turbo engine (SR20DET from SR20DE). But the turbo unit that he was about to purchase was grabbed by someone else. SR20DETs are not easy to […]

15 January 2009 | Cars | 2 Comments