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LINQPad – a worthy successor to Snippet Compiler

In 2009 I blogged about how Snippet Compiler allows us to test out C# code without having to create a project in Visual Studio just for that. Now there’s something better: LINQPad. Don’t be misled by its name; it’s not just for LINQ, it can run any C#, VB, or even SQL code. I particularly […]

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Vimperator vs Vimium

Update 15 January 2012
I have switched from Vimperator to Pentadactyl for quite some time. Pentadactyl allows letters to be used as hints out of the box; add the following line in your .pentadactylrc:

set hintkeys=sadfjklewcmpgh

For more Vimium-like highlighting:

highlight -a Hint text-transform: uppercase; padding: 0 2px 0 1px; background-color: yellow; font: bold 11px “Droid Sans Mono”;
highlight -a […]

5 September 2010 | Applications | 8 Comments

Bing vs Google

I wrote a simple mashup to help compare Bing’s search results against that of Google’s:
Bing vs Google

4 June 2009 | Applications | 1 Comment

Snippet Compiler

Update 5 August 2011
LINQPad is better.
Original Post
This is one programming tool I wish I had discovered from the very beginning: Snippet Compiler. It allows you to test out C# code without having to fire up Visual Studio and laboriously create test console applications etc.
Although the latest version (3.0.2 for .NET 3.5) is an alpha, it […]

30 April 2009 | .NET, C#, Applications | 1 Comment

Separate Instances of Firefox

With a Firefox window already open, if you open another Firefox window (not a new tab), the second window – and all subsequent Firefox windows – will use the same firefox.exe process. Cookies and sessions will be shared across all these Firefox windows. So if you are logged in to Gmail in one window, and […]

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